Seattle Childrens Hospital Forest B

Planting beds north of main entrance – early conditions prior to foam fill, drain mat, soils, plants, etc.
Planting beds north of main entrance after 1 year of establishment. In addition to deep soils in this area, a building perimeter gravel drainage channel with weathered steel edging was included. Photo also shows (3) free-standing planters above in the upper plaza.
Center planter showing drain mat and filter fabric installation starting atop foam fill prior to 24″ depth soil installation. (2) of the vertical drain inspection assemblies extending down through the foam layer are shown near the concrete building walls on the right side of the photo.
Center planter after completion of soil, irrigation and planting. Also shown is the multi-layer crushed rock pathway with weathered steel edging.
Interior courtyard area after demo of existing conditions at old building at its connection point to the new building construction.
Interior courtyard area just prior to completion of landscape installation. Scope in this area included sub-surface drainage, deep soils with additional soil mounding, large boulders, large decorative cobble, gravel drainage channel with weathered steel edging, planting, and irrigation. All materials in this area were hoisted in over the building walls via a mobile crane.
Planting strip adjacent to and south of the main entrance. Included was deep soils atop drain mat over foam, planting, irrigation, mulch, and gravel drainage channel with weathered steel edging. Also shown is some of the many wood benches we installed throughout the project. This area also includes several bike racks and trash receptacles which are outside the limits of the photo.
South planting beds just prior to completion of installation. These areas included native soil prep, deep import soils, irrigation, planting, several benches, and trash receptacles.
Upper area within south planting beds after 1 year of establishment. Planting, mulch, benches and one of the trash receptacles are shown.
Looking west: completed Bell Street right-of-way planters, raised deep on-structure planters, and bio-retention planters at the far southwest corner of the building.
New bio-retention planting area within upper site planting areas. Includes coordination of weir and liner installation with soil prep, import soils, and irrigation.
Upper planting areas looking east from new bio-retention planting area. Native soil prep occurred in all of these areas followed by deep import soils, irrigation, and select tree, shrub and ornamental grass planting. Erosion-control jute netting was installed after installation of wildflower seed. Free-standing planters, bench and trash receptacle are also shown.
Concrete retaining wall prior to installation of bio-active planting tiles. Electrical conduit and fixtures for future lighting is shown, along with layout of tiles, and irrigation supply piping and drip piping to each individual planting tile.
North portion of bio-active wall tiles after completion of installation. Tiles include specialty soils, exotic plants, and drip irrigation. Also shown is planting above and below the bio-active wall. This area and others around the site are under roof cover so the irrigation system was modified in these areas to allow for year-round automatic watering.
South portion of bio-active wall, also showing the planting beds above and below the wall. Additional new planting beds with deep soils on structure are visible adjacent to the stairway and beyond.
Large project site included on-grade and on-structure landscaping at grade; native soil prep; deep import soils; extensive areas of drain mat and filter fabric; large-diameter deep vertical drain inspection assemblies on structure; sub-surface drainage systems; multiple bio-retention planting areas; large boulders with hoisting of boulders, supersacked soils and decorative cobble over building into small renovated interior courtyard connecting old and new buildings; extensive irrigation sleeving; 2-wire drip and spray head irrigation systems; decorative gravels; bio-active wall planting tiles with specialty soils, exotic plants and drip irrigation installation; multi-layer decorative crushed rock walking paths with weathered steel edging; building perimeter drain rock maintenance strips with weathered steel edging; bike racks, trash receptacles and benches; tie-in to and renovation of existing bio-retention planters, ornamental landscaped areas, and irrigation systems; installation of lightweight soils, trees, plants and irrigation within free-standing planters; specimen tree installation; tree, shrub, ornamental grasses, groundcover, and plug installation; sub-surface tree anchoring systems; installation of thousands of bulbs; extensive areas of wildflower seeding; jute erosion-control netting; bark and sand mulches; and maintenance through turnover to Owner.

Special or unusual problems encountered:
Our work on the project spanned over a 2-year+ duration which required multiple mobilizations and good record keeping of work completed, preliminary irrigation installation and capping, sleeving locations prior to hardscape layout, etc. Many areas were unavailable due to ongoing work by other trades. As a result, much of our scope was compressed near the end of the project so several crews were needed in multiple areas simultaneously. This compression of scope and the necessary increase in crew size required intensive management and coordination efforts. Changing site logistics made it challenging for materials deliveries. Accommodations were needed as typical delivery truck sizing would no longer work due to logistics and access, and GC schedule delays created other access issues. Portions of the site were occupied by the Owner, so coordination for installation of materials within certain areas of the site, and in particular the small interior courtyard via mobile crane were difficult. Bio-active wall tile layout to accommodate site lighting conduit and fixtures, as well as irrigation piping was also challenging.

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