Block 18

Looking west: Blanchard Street on-structure planting bed showing installation of drain mat & filter fabric with termination bar, 12″ L-shaped steel edging, deep import soil, irrigation and deep drain rock maintenance strip adjacent to building.
Looking east: completed Blanchard Street on-structure and right-of-way planting beds.
Looking west: Blanchard Street raised planter showing drain mat & filter fabric with termination bar, mid-installation of deep import soil over sand base, and 2-wire irrigation system installation in progress.
Looking west: completed Blanchard Street deep raised planter with completed right-of-way planting beds in background.
Looking east: one of several completed Blanchard Street right-of way planting beds with adjacent pet-relief area including edging, boulders and small gravel surfacing.
Looking west: Bell Street raised on-structure planters showing completed installation of drain mat & filter fabric with termination bar, sand base prior to import soil installation, vertical drain access assemblies, and irrigation system installation in progress.
Looking east: completed Bell Street deep raised planters and right-of-way planter.
Looking east: upper one of three completed deep raised bio-retention planters on structure.
Looking east: completed Bell Street right-of-way planter with pet relief area in foreground, raised deep bio-retention planter and non-bioretention planters on the south side of the sidewalk, and additional right-of-way planter at the far east end of the block.
Looking west: completed Bell Street right-of-way planters, raised deep on-structure planters, and bio-retention planters at the far southwest corner of the building.
Looking south: 7th Avenue on-structure planter showing drain mat, filter fabric and termination bar, vertical drain access assemblies, sand base prior to import soil installation, and mid-installation of 12″ L-shaped steel edging and 2-wire irrigation system.
Looking south: completed 7th Avenue on-structure planting bed including deep gravel surfacing adjacent to building.
Looking north: 7th Avenue right-of-way structural soil cell import soil installation, including irrigation sleeving and piping between and within structural soil cells.
Looking south: small portion of the 7th Avenue structural soil cell area with soil installation complete prior to installation of drip irrigation system.
Looking south: completed 7th Avenue deep soil right-of-way planting beds with finished bike path over structural soil cell system which extends fully along 7th Avenue between Blanchard & Bell Streets.
Project included on-grade and on-structure landscaping at grade, bio-retention planters with complete drain piping assemblies, gravel & import soils, interior planter landscaping with specialty soils, Feather Rock lightweight boulders, and aged specialty large woody debris, upper level intensive landscaping on floors 2, 4, 5 & 17, extensive sedum tile green roof systems on levels 18 & 20, soil prep and deep import soils with sand base at right-of-way and on-structure planting beds, import soils and drip irrigation systems within right-of-way structural soil cell assemblies, drain mat & filter fabric with termination bar at all on-structure planting beds, green roof drain access box assemblies and deep vertical drain access assemblies within intensive planting beds and pedestal-paver areas. 2-wire irrigation system at grade, and multiple independent irrigation systems for upper levels. Planting with street tree root barrier, sub-surface tree anchoring systems, and final mulch. Also included in scope was an upper level pedestal-elevated synthetic turf pet relief area, 12″ L-shaped steel edging throughout the project, large decorative rock surfacing at upper levels, deep drain rock maintenance strip surfacing adjacent to building at street level, and multiple street level pet relief areas with edging, boulders and small decorative rock surfacing.

Special or unusual problems encountered:
Compressed schedule created short duration for completion of entire scope of work. Concurrent landscape installation activities were needed on all levels simultaneously requiring intensive management and coordination efforts. Early removal of tower crane required hoisting & handling of materials via mobile cranes, elevators and stairs requiring considerable additional labor resources. Little to no staging/storage area required additional coordination for just in time deliveries of most materials. Very congested site with many trades and limited access required increased coordination and planning efforts. Out of state travel for materials review and selection with design team.

General Contractor:
Landscape Architect: