Magnolia Waterfront Residence

Description:This project was a complete demolition of the existing house and construction of a new house. This included a complete renovation of the landscape. The previous site had a lot of failing railroad tie retaining walls and misc volunteer and neglected landscape. The new site design removed all of the railroad ties, loose surface level soils, and regraded the steep hillside. The use of logs, boulders, coir logs, and jute netting was used to stabilize the hillside during construction. New landscape elements included minor regrading, granite boulder and large log placement, installation of a gravel path, curved metal Corten steps, circular raised Corten vegetable gardens, topsoil and soil preparation, irrigation (both drip and spray heads), low volt path lighting and select tree up lighting, Wilkeson Sandstone step installation, bluestone flagstone patios, bio retention planter construction, and a general planting palate to compliment the beachside environment and amazing views.