West Main

Construction of deep right of way modular suspended pavement system with drip irrigation system.
Completed right of way planting beds adjacent to modular suspended pavement system. (photo taken after turnover to and maintenance by others)
Mid-block raised planters with drain mat, filter fabric, drain access/inspection assemblies, 18″ depth sand and partial irrigation prior to soil installation.
Topsoil being placed in structural soil cells by conveyor truck while being compacted with 2×4’s in the background. Being the guy with the remote control is a lot of fun!
Green roof extensive system underlayment components being installed. Root barrier, drain mat, water retention layer, and aluminum edging shown here.
Supersack of soil hoisting via tower or mobile crane and hovered over desired location. Then, the bottom of the sack is sliced open with a utility knife and soil spills into place.
Crew installing sedum mats at the level 2 west terrace. Sedum mats are approx 5’ wide and required 2 men and a long rod slid into a central cardboard tube to move the heavy sedum mats into place. This project had 13,500 square feet of sedum mats installed. Unique tiled Millennium wall can be seen in the background.
Pedestal paver system in mid construction at the tower 2 terrace. Adjustable pedestals with slope compensating levelers and 12”x 24”x2” thick reinforced pavers. The were 4 distinct colors and 2 different sand blast finishes designed for the pavers.
Tower 2 terrace pedestal pavers being installed level with laser and being fit at base of millennium wall in background.
Finished pedestal paver terrace with elevated steel intensive planter beds.
Sunny day with lush, elevated planter bed with painted steel planter wall and pedestal pavers in the foreground.
Early plaza bed installation with young plants adjacent to synthetic dog turf relief area with benches in the background all open to the public for enjoyment.
Top-down view of public plaza showing some right of way landscape, some ground level planter beds, and a small elevated sedum green roof in the upper left.
Lush blooming shrubs, path lighting, and synthetic dog turf relief area can be seen here. This project had over 30,000 shrubs/groundcover and 100 trees installed.
Plaza open space highlighted between Tower 1 and Tower 2 with unique mason set pavers, copper artwork, wood benches, and extensive green roof.
Description: West Main was unique in that the landscape scope was drawn out over 3 phases (1 for each tower) which ultimately took 2½ years to finish. During the course of construction, the project endured a lengthy concrete union strike, material shortages, unprecedented material inflation, and an ever-shrinking work force of experienced tradesmen. Of the almost 5,000 cubic yards of soil and aggregate needed, half was delivered in super sacks for tower or mobile crane placement, and the other half was delivered and placed by conveyor truck. These large volumes of material, coupled with the unique placement techniques, required a monumental and continued coordination effort between the general contractor, landscape contractor, soil blender, trucking companies, and tower/mobile cranes.

General Contractor: GLY Construction Inc.
Landscape Architect: GGN