The Village at Totem Lake

During Construction Photo. Planting the large 72” box London Plane Trees at the main entry. Each tree took several pieces of large equipment, usually 4-5 men, and an abundance of care and caution during installation. Electrical conduits, irrigation, drainage, and 36”deep root barrier (against the curb) can all be seen here as part of the complete tree installation.
During construction photo. All trees (River Birch shown here) had their own dedicated irrigation zones with special “tight concentric circle” drip irrigation. The dedicated drain risers/inspection tubes can be seen before being cut/capped below the mulch layer. These trees had up lights and power outlets placed for holiday lighting.
Large specimen and unique 3” caliper single stem Arbutus Unedo trees planted with a low boxwood hedge planter perimeter.
This is an overview picture of the north half of the main parking lot. I-405 is in the background and the large tenant sign is in the foreground. Much of the landscape work happened with the parking lot opened up to the public which was a safety challenge.
A main theme throughout the storefront planting beds was the boxwood hedge perimeter. There were over (4,000) 5 gallon Green Beauty boxwoods planted on the project. You can see the design intent to “fill all spaces”.
The main entry to the project was flanked with (13) 72” boxed (approx 6”-8” caliper) beautiful London Plane trees. These were all trucked in from California at 2 trees per flatbed due to their large size and 25’ height.
Typical “Plaza” landscape with large specimen (4) 40’ tall multi stem River Birch trees, seasonal color, and large 6’-8’ arbutus trees.
Ornate tree planting detail with imported “Sunburst” Beach Pebble, aluminum edging, and speakers. Staking was with 2” lodge pole stakes, galvanized tie wire, and “Tree Guard” straps to protect the trunk. All trees had their own underground drainage piping to assure proper drainage
The use of pots both at the storefronts on concrete as well as within the planter beds can be seen here. Hinoki Cypress shown planted inside a 36” tall planter pot. All pots were waterproofed, had their own drainage, planter pot soil, and dedicated irrigation.
Another view of the main entry with the large London Plane trees at the sides. The center island highlighted lots of color, flowing understory, as well as the (4) large planter pots with 8’-10’ Magnolia Grandiflora’s as the center piece. Again, very little space was left unplanted.
Main entry sign flanked with Japanese Maples and a 10’ Nellie Stevens Holly hedge behind. The Red Drift Rose in front can be seen in full bloom here.
A view of the wetland bordering Totem Lake Boulevard with large 4” caliper Autumn Flame Red Maples along the main road. A cedar split rail fence acts as separation along the 10’ wide sidewalk.
Store front showing elevated planter bed with seasonal color and large globe boxwoods.
Four large 40’ tall multi stem River Birch trees were planted in the plaza area. Each tree and 2 to 3 main trunks, each with a caliper of at least 6”.
Close up view of one of the styles of pots with Arbutus shrub and colorful flowing understory.

The Village at Totem Lake is a new retail mall with several known anchor tenants occupying the main buildings with many smaller businesses occupying other small buildings around the property. There is a large parking lot with traditional island planter beds as well as right of way and other perimeter planting areas. The project included restoration of an existing wetland, a 5,000 square foot green roof, and planting of approx 250 planter pots of varying sizes. The owner’s design intent was to use mature large scale trees and plants so the project had an “established feel” immediately upon completion. Most trees installed were in the 4”-8” caliper range and were of specimen quality. Where most new projects would use between 1 gallon and 5 gallon shrubs, The Village at Totem Lake typically used 15 gal and larger shrubs…all of which were specimen quality as well. The owner’s desire and financial investment into amazing plants really set the project.

General Contractor: Robinson Construction

Landscape Architect: Lifescapes International