The Village at Totem Lake

The Village at Totem Lake is a new retail mall with several known anchor tenants occupying the main buildings with many smaller businesses occupying other small buildings around the property. There is a large parking lot with traditional island planter beds as well as right of way and other perimeter planting areas. The project included restoration of an existing wetland, a 5,000 square foot green roof, and planting of approx 250 planter pots of varying sizes. The owner’s design intent was to use mature large scale trees and plants so the project had an “established feel” immediately upon completion. Most trees installed were in the 4”-8” caliper range and were of specimen quality. Where most new projects would use between 1 gallon and 5 gallon shrubs, The Village at Totem Lake typically used 15 gal and larger shrubs…all of which were specimen quality as well. The owner’s desire and financial investment into amazing plants really set the project.