Troy Block

Installing deep structural foam within Thomas Street on-structure planter
Looking west at completed Thomas Street planter, includes deep structural foam, 4′ depth soil, sub-surface tree stabilization, planting, mulch
Looking northwest at Thomas Street planting beds and Thomas/Boren building entrance
Looking south at Fairview Avenue right-of-way & on-structure planting beds
Looking northwest at Troy green roof during extensive sedum tile system installation
Looking south at the east 1/2 of completed Troy green roof
Looking south at courtyard sand-set pavers and trees installed over Silva Cell modular suspended pavement system, pavers transition to pedestal-set heading north just beyond concrete wall
Looking south at completed courtyard pedestal-set, pedestal-set ramp, and sand-set paver system
Looking north at courtyard paver system and paver/wood deck tree planting (includes deep soil complete under full footprint of wood deck)
Looking east at area that will become the Boren intensive green roof pedestrian access ramp (area shown is ~1/3 of complete Boren intensive green roof area)
Looking east at completed (south 1/3) Boren intensive green roof ramp plantings (courtyard pavers in far right of photo)
Looking east at north section of “Hillclimb” stair and planting areas prior to deep Silva Cell and soil installation, and prior to installation of sand-set & pedestal-set tread/paver stair system
Looking east (from above at Boren intensive green roof) at completed Hillclimb tread/paver stair system, each section with tree planter contains Silva Cells and deep soils throughout complete section footprint of treads & pavers
Looking west at completed sand-set & pedestal-set Hillclimb stair system and plantings, (south 1/3 of Boren intensive green roof in upper right of photo)
Looking northeast at completed Hillclimb tread/paver system (courtyard pavers and wood deck trees are at top and to the right of the Hillclimb stair system, Boren intensive green roof to the left above Hillclimb planters)

Installation of new landscaping around new 2-tower office building occupying an entire city square block.  Scope included deep native soil removal, 1,000  cy of deep import soils at right-of way planting beds, root barrier and edging, crushed rock paving, 23,000 cf of deep structural foam at all at-grade on-structure planting beds, 3,000 sf of deep Silva Cell modular suspended pavement system over structure, 2,000 cy of lightweight soil on structure,7,000 sf of sand-set and pedestal-set 1′ x 4′ – 1′ x 6′ concrete pavers and treads, 12,000 sf extensive green roof, 5,000 sf intensive green roof,  irrigation system, planting and top mulch.

General Contractor: Lease Crutcher Lewis

Landscape Architect: Swift Company