South Lake Union Office Park

Over garage central plaza planter bed base construction utilizing rigid foam insulation to begin the formation of our mounded planters.
6th Floor mounded planter bed creation using rigid foam insulation. Notice the circular “cut outs” created for the forthcoming large Pine Trees.
Same planter as in picture #2 but from the opposite angle. All planters had 2” of drain rock (and subsequent filter fabric) over all insulation before the lightweight soil was applied. Notice also the drain mat strips in the foreground for any vertical surfaces such as the natural steel Corten edging shown here.
Shown here is an over structure Bio Retention Cell Planter. Busy Seattle streets did not allow for any soil to “hit the ground”. Therefore we had to have all soil and top mulch products placed by either conveyor truck or blower truck directly into place.
As with most office buildings and new construction in Seattle, laydown space is extremely limited. Here we see plants stored onsite in a real urban/concrete setting. These plants required extra attention as there was no opportunity to heal them in onsite.
Final view of the created public space plaza connection Westlake Avenue to 9th Avenue through an atrium like space. Notice the constructed green glass “ceiling” which projected a warm green hue over all the space below. The large Stewartia trees were very happy both under cover in the foreground and out in the sun in the background.
Hallway like corridor feel created in an atypical City of Seattle sidewalk utilizing the building on one side and a row of Persian Parrotia trees on the other.
Reverse angle view of the Persian Parrotia trees with the rain garden’s Indonesian lava stone in the foreground.
6th floor patio showing the mounded planters with “moon globe” lights emanating from a sea of grasses.
Our installed Green Screen product with climbing Trumpet Honeysuckle beginning to infill.
Lighted Sangu Kaku Japanese Maple grove with a “carpet” of Lilly Turf … all under cover.
Rooftop Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete Planters installed with a background Green Screen with climbing Trumpet Honeysuckle beginning to infill. The intent here was to provide a natural visual background to a large metal wall housing large mechanical equipment. Notice in the foreground the top view of the Green Glass ceiling over the plaza 6 floors below.
One of two 5th floor bridge planters with Pacific Fire Vine Maples and Carex in an elevated corten steel planter.
Unique perimeter railing system on the 6th floor terrace utilizing Green Screen panels and Akebia as the infill plant. Notice the beautiful view and the Museum of History and Industry in the background.
This project was another tech based office building in the South Lake Union Area in which the owner is committed to not only providing an exceptional landscape for its tenants to enjoy, but also providing open public space for Seattleites to enjoy. The plaza space created between the two office buildings was unique in that there was a glass ceiling colored green which emitted a greenish aura to the sidewalk and landscape below. It has a sort of airy, and jungle feel to it while also being surrounded by a highly urban office building setting. The plant pallet was exceptional in local diversity and texture that it provided. The 6th floor rooftop terraces were created to provide the tenants a useable and almost living space with plenty of seating, a fire pit, barbecues, and amphitheater type seating for exterior presentations. The landscape here served as a unique backdrop of pines and grasses amongst a smattering of other unique plant choices adding color and textures. There was also a 5th floor bridge between the building that added a unique Corten elevated planter with Coral Bark maples and Liriope. We also installed 18 very large Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete planters with the approx dimensions of 4′ wide x 3′ deep x 10′ long. These were very large and heavy but added a unique element to the project.

General Contractor: GLY

Landscape Architect: Hewitt